10 Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You” That You’re Totally Missing

What if some of the simple little things your pup does are actually his way of saying “I love you” and you had no idea? Here are 10 ways your dog expresses their adoration that you’ve been oblivious to all along.

#1 Bringing you lovely (gross) gifts.

Dumping a dribbly, stinky toy in your lap doesn’t always mean your pup wants to play — sometimes he’s giving you the doggy equivalent of a new TV. To a pooch, he’s got this AMAZING thing and wants to share it with his favorite human.

#2 Burp kisses.

Okay, so (thankfully) doggy burps aren’t signs of affection, but seeking a snuggle after a big dinner is a food-motivated dog’s way of relaxing beside someone they feel 100% safe with.

#3 Contagious yawns.

Contagious yawning among humans is a sign of empathy and one study found that dogs do it, too. Mimicking yawns is a sign of just how in tune to your mood and feelings your furry friend is.

#4 They ignore you because they adore you.

You might want your dog to weep puppy tears whenever you leave the house, but a calm pooch as you head out the door just means he’s totally confident in your friendship; he knows you’ll be back soon.

#5 And they go wild when you come back.

They didn’t care when you left, but OH MY GOD YOU’RE BACK?! Running around, jumping up and generally losing their mind at the sight of you shows just how much your puppy pal loves having you around.

#6 Your space is my space, human.

Although it’s not that practical, a fluffball lolling around the bed while you’re trying to sleep just means your dog wants to be as close to you as physically possible: you’re in their pack and they’re super loyal to you.

#7 The stare-off.

The puppy stare game can be a challenge, but if you’re playing or cuddling with your pooch and he maintains eye contact he is giving you a big hug with his puppy dog eyes. Aww.

#8 The eyebrow raise.

A Japanese study recently found that when pups saw their owners, they immediately raised an eyebrow. The dogs tested showed far less facial activity when they met strangers, so the mysterious eyebrow raise is a secret code to the one they love (that’s you).

#9 Using your legs as a back rest.

Dogs may lean against your legs when they’re nervous or anxious, but ultimately it means they trust you completely, believe you’ll take care of them and just like being close to you.

#10 Puppy shadow.
Following you around is a sign of devotion and love, so if your pooch sticks to you like glue he’s just letting you know his true feelings and deep affection for his tall, hair-less pack leader.

So now you know, you’ll never miss another puppy love signal again.