A Digital Artist Who Created Her Own Stunning Cabinet Of Curiosities

By​ Alexandra V Bach

My name is Alexandra and am a french digital artist who created her own little Cabinet of Curiosities or ‘Wonder Room’.

In 2014 I visited a real ‘Wunderkammern’ in Scotland, and it left me with a really eerie, mystical and dreamy feeling. So when I came back home I decided to create my own Cabinet of Curiosities, using mixed media technique (a digital art technique combining photos and digital painting).

After more than 50 hours of work per image, I finally ‘gave birth’ to all those mysterious creatures, such as the Mermaid and the Clockwork Fairy.

Those pictures became so popular that I was even asked to create an artbook depicting their story!

#1 Naturalia Collection: Mermaid

#2 La Belle Endormie

#3 Clockwork Fairy

#4 Sepia Morphine

#5 Le Camée des Morts

#6 Eidolism

Source: www.facebook.com