A Walking Tour Of Tsuwano In Japan\'s Rural Shimane Prefecture.

by​ David E.
Japan has been a tourist destination for quite a while, and while places like Tokyo and Osaka are great cities to visit, they represent a life style that many Japanese people do not experience on a daily basis. I’ve lived in rural western Japan for more than two years now and have enjoyed the more traditional atmosphere that comes with a prefecture that has just recently opened its first 7-11s in the last year or so. I’m no professional writer, just a guy who wants to show people a side of Japan that they might not see on the Travel Channel. In this case, Shimane Prefecture’s western most town called Tsuwano. A small town of 7,000 people that rarely sees foreign tourists.

#1 Small street side shops

#2 Tsuwano’s river banks

#3 Not as extensive as Fushimi Inari, but impressive not the less.

#4 Entrance gate to Taikodani Inari Shrine

#5 Taikodani Inari Shrine

#6 Old lift to the Tsuwano Castle Ruins

#7 View from the Tsuwano Castle Ruins

#8 Street side stream filled with koi fish

#9 Tsuwano’s Catholic Church

#10 Inside the church, complete with tatami mats

#11 One of the few remaining steam locomotives