Adobe Has Just Launched A Clothing Line With The Worst Stock Photos

Most of us know Adobe as a software company responsible for things like Adobe Reader and Photoshop. But recently they've decided to branch out into the fashion industry, and as you can see, they're literally making a laughing stock out of it.
Show Full TextThey've launched a line of clothing featuring some of the worst stock images ever, and the weird part is that they actually look pretty cool (on slender and attractive models at least...). The range is called Adobe Stock Apparel, and Adobe came up with the creative idea to promote their new royalty-free image service called Adobe Stock. Head over to the Adobe website to peruse the full range. They're not for sale though, which is a shame, because if there's one thing missing from my wardrobe it's a t-shirt with a picture of a laughing woman eating a healthy vegetable salad on it....