Anne’s Amazing Alphabet Adventures

By​ Cheryl Anne

I am a New Children’s Book Author and have just Published My First Book, only 11 more to go, with 3 ready for publishing. They teach young children their letters with fun animal characters and is written in English & Spanish. I am nearly 60 yrs. old and have finally made my dream come true, with a lot of help from friends and family. I have three grown children and 3 grand children whom I have included in all my stories along with my friends. This is the Greatest Adventure I’ve ever been on and I hope it last for the rest of my life.

#1 Alyssa and Amanda are going on a Top Secret Mission

#2 Alyssa and Amanda My Army Ants from Africa

#3 Anne’s Amazing Alphabet Adventures

#4 Billy and Bobbie Bats Live in The Bahamas on a Big Bright Blue Boat

#5 Alyssa & Amanda Army Ants from Africa

#6 Billy & Bobbie Bats are Brother’s and Best Friends and today is their Birthday

#7 Andrea the Missing Anaconda in The Amazon Jungle

#8 Alyssa & Amanda are on their way from Africa to Argentina for an Adventure

#9 Betty & Barbara Bats are joining Billy & Bobbie for a boat ride to The beach for a barbecue

#10 Alli the Alligator is a Top Secret Agent for The Army