Challenge To Find Similarities Between The Human Body And Nature

My name is Monica Carvalho and everyday I challenge myself to find similarities between the human body and nature. My passion - and mission - is to create images that will make you look twice!
“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
This quote by Edgar Degas has been the guideline for my artistic practice since my obsession for optical illusions and surrealism started ten year ago.
The 'bodyscapes' below illustrate my fascination for the connection between the human body and natural elements. I perceive the human body itself as a landscape.
Noticing resemblances - colour, shape, texture - between body and nature is the first step towards creating a new photomontage. I use photos from my travels and of my body (or sometimes of my friends). Once I have taken the photos I need, I merge them on Adobe Photoshop. I choose this software as the canvas to express myself artistically because of the endless photo-editing possibilities it offers.
I hope that, in a sense, my digital art will reconnect you to the natural world. After all, we are all children of Mother Nature...

#1 Leafstick

#2 Natural Mascara

#3 Palm Tree

#4 Hairway To Heaven

#5 When The Bus Is Taking Ages

#6 Sea-Through Hoodie

#7 Summer Is In The Hair

#8 Backpacking In The Canyons

#9 Intimasea

#10 Pollens

#11 Mindfulness Meditation

#12 Plane(T) Earth

#13 Sand Up For Yourself

#14 Your Words Move Mountains

#15 Wait And Sea

#16 Natural Makeup

#17 Breast Wishes

#18 Lipetals

#19 Cumulips