Discover Transylvania Through Electronic Music In A Medieval Fortress

You probably heard about mythical Transylvania, a place of mystery, traditions and archaic beauty; and the birthplace of the most famous vampires of all – Dracula. Even the Prince of Wales usually comes to visit us during summer on his beautiful estate and is constantly involved in the conservation of rural villages. In case you were wondering what to do this summer, we have the perfect idea for you.

– Explore the silence of natural beauty.
From medieval cities with narrow streets, to rural landscapes that will warm your heart, or mountains that will make you feel philosophical, we have some of the most amazing views.

– Fairytale castles and churches.
Hidden behind immersive walls, surrounded by water or situated high on top of mountains, the architecture from Transylvania will take your breath away. Don't forget about the war, love and vampire stories that haunt their walls.

Don't say we didn't warn you: everybody who comes here falls in love with this place. Why? Just have a look below.

– Music travels well.
Amongst this beauty and magic lies a fortress that was never conquered. Until now. Considered one of Europe's largest castle and the second most impressive castle from the entire world (according to Hopper), it is the perfect place for you to visit this summer.

And because travel goes hand in hand with beautiful experiences and emerging music, here is our suggestion: discover beautiful Transylvania through electronic music in a summer festival. Combining local traditions, history and authentic customs with vibrant electronic, deep house and live music, this festival will emerge you in an authentic Transylvanian delight. Appropriately named Murmur (meaning a gentle whisper, both of nature and history), the festival is the perfect place for you to emerge in a summer journey.

So, what are your plans for this summer? From rural villages to medieval places and castles haunted by stories, the occasional vampires and beautiful customs, you can experience them all in Transylvania. And if music runs wild inside your veins, you can have a taste of electronic and live concerts right in the heart of Transylvania, in a castle that unites all it's beauty.

#1 Murmur Festival – Fagaras Citadel

#2 Brasov – Probably the best city in the world.

#3 Transfagarasan, also known as “the road to the sky”

#4 Biertan church

#5 Valea Zânelor Castle (Fairy Valley Castle)

#6 Rasnov Fortress

#7 Bran Castle

#8 Romanian cuisine at its best

#9 An authentic Romanian dinner. Garlic included.

#10 Traditional Romanian brunch

#11 Murmur Festival – Fagaras Citadel