Disney Characters Turned Into Evolving Pokemon

I have been doing art as a career for over 10 years now. I'm pretty sure I started drawing since I was a tiny baby, with crayons and coloring pencils probably. I just really liked drawing things I liked, from animals I have seen to the cartoons I watched. Learning to draw was a slow process, but I think I got a massive boost in digital art knowledge after going to a tutorial by a Hong Kong based artist I like called Cuson. He did a live tutorial at a convention I went to and I got to befriend him afterwards too, it was great. I like to start by first imagining what the finished art will look like, just keep imagining until it looks good. I do a rough sketch, then linework over it, add shading, colors, and the last step I would zoom into the artwork and fix all the mistakes I have. My inspiration comes from pop culture. I really like drawing fan art, when its a game I like or a movie I enjoy, I just want to draw it and add my little touches to it to make it my own. This one time, I thought 'mm this would be interesting' when the idea of combining the two things I love - Disney and Pokemon - popped into my head. Thought I would have a little fun with the idea and now I can't stop making these Disney Evolution characters.




















Source: www.instagram.com