Hong Kong Streets

by Rogan Coles

Do I do streets? Don’t know. I do a lot of things. I do streets amongst all the other things that are out there to photograph. The streets are there. People are there. I’m there.

At one time there used to be this thing of, “What is that you do, look out a window or looking at mirror when making pictures”? I don’t really know. In making a picture, am I holding up a mirror here and are any of these images a reflection of the society in which they were made? Again, I don’t know. In framing a moment, there’s always a story there. I look for moments. This “moment” has little if anything to do with that “decisive moment” thing. Often I have to look beyond all that. While my images are about the “moment”, the story here is in the details. Look at the details, there’s so much more there than just the “moment’.

Recently someone suggested that maybe some of these shots are “reenactments”, “reconstructions” set up and taken in a studio. Had to smile at that one. Sounded a bit like a compliment. The truth is, the only studio I know of is out there and on the streets. This is life as I know it and as I see it.

Do I know any of these people? No. Do any of these people know me? No. There’s no need. This is one of the best things about living in a city like Hong Kong, as in being a “stranger amongst strangers”. I am as much a part of these people’s lives as they are a part of mine. Not sure how else to put it. Enjoy.

#1 Dai Paai Dong – near Graham Street

#2 Lunch time – near Graham Street

#3 Picking candies – Wanchai Road

#4 Shanghai Street – Yau Ma Tei

#5 Pork butcher stall – Bowrington Road

#6 Butcher – Bowrington Road

#7 Deliveries – Bowrington Road

#8 A tinker at work – Tai Kok Tsui

#9 Market – Graham Street

#10 Selling durian – Reclamation Street

#11 Chun Yeung Street – Northpoint

#12 Reclamation Street – Mongkok

Source: archive.argent.photos