How Does Our Everyday Spices And Fruits Grow – Pictures From Zanzibar

Zanzibar is officially known as the land of spices. Besides this, it’s sweet and juicy fruits are also very famous. Did you ever thought that the black coffee beans start from being green and then, after a while, they become red and soft? How did you imagine that cinnamon rolls are made? Well, stay tuned and find out how spices look like in their homeland.

#1 Vanilla beans – they like shade

#2 Coffee beans – they don’t smell like the morning coffee

#3 Ginger – a flavored root

#4 Coco nut – very nutritive

#5 Turmeric – a perfect painkiller

#6 Nutmeg – perfect for indigestion

#7 The lipstick tree – the back-up solution for makeup

#8 Cinnamon rolls – from the bark of the cinnamon tree

#9 Pineapple bush – the best pineapple I ever tried

#10 Iodine plant

#11 Starfruit – full of vitamin C

#12 Lemongrass field – freshly cut

#13 Green orange – sweet and sour

#14 Pink pomelo – delicious

#15 Papaya

#16 Jack fruits – grow everywhere and they get very big

#17 The best pineapple I ever tried was in Zanzibar