I Spent 2 Freezing Weeks To Capture These Photos Of Iceland In Mid Winter

My name is Tom Rex Jessett, as a photographer I love nothing more than exploring the world and sharing its beauty with people. Not everybody wants to visit locations in harsh conditions even though it is often more beautiful. I always wanted to photograph Iceland, particularly in its winter wonderland look. So I booked really cheap flights, a hire car and boom a 2 week trip to Iceland was born.

It was an incredibly budget trip, eating cous cous daily and wrapping up in my sleeping bag in the car every night as the temperature plummeted well below freezing. I believe that the moments I got to witness and photograph far outweighed the discomfort of my journey to capture them. It was an epic adventure I will not forget in a hurry!

#1 Aldeyjarfoss

In the highlands of Iceland this is one of the most spectacular waterfalls I have ever visited. To get here required a long hike in strong ice cold winds wearing crampons, the view at the end was breathtaking.

#2 Jokulsarlon Ice Beach

Thousands of chunks of ice rolled around in the surf at Jokulsarlon. The nearby glacier melts and breaks down washing these chunks into the ocean where they slowly break down. Incredible to witness.

#3 Vestrahorn

Walking out onto a frozen lake at sunrise to capture the first glow of light illuminating the mountains at Vestrahorn. A magical morning.

#4 Godafoss

Iceland’s waterfall of the gods. Absolute power! I captured this scene during 60kmh freezing winds, the outcome of the long exposure shows the calm in the scene beyond the weather conditions of reality.

#5 Aurora Borealis At Kirkjufell

I waited all night for this opportunity. Standing out in -10 degrees I wondered if it would be worth it, but at 4am when the clouds broke I was treated to this view.

#6 Skogafoss

The incredible Skogafoss on the South Coast. A rainbow formed as the sun broke over the horizon, so stoked!

#7 Black Sand Beach, Vik

Seemingly never ending the black sand beach at Vik was incredible to witness.

#8 Route One

I drove the ring road of Iceland in 2 weeks, it was hard to make progress when views like this were around every corner!

#9 Little House On The Glacier

A little hut is overshadowed by mountains and an enormous glacier on Iceland’s south coast.

#10 Bruarfoss

A grey day at Bruarfoss didn’t matter as the colour of the water here was just mind blowing!

#11 Jokulsarlon Diamonds

The Ice beach was a photographers paradise that left you with a dropped jaw!

#12 Ice Cave Window

I found this block of Ice on the beach that was the size of a small bus. I climbed inside a tunnel through the ice and shot this view out upon the ocean. The channel is large enough for me to stand up just to try and add scale!

#13 Kirkjufell

The iconic mountain on Iceland’s West coast. I visited twice on the trip, this time it had a thick layer of snow blanketing the area, 2 minutes after this photo was taken I was stuck in a blizzard and could not even see 1 meter in front of me.

#14 Myvatn

Standing above a volcanic crater in Icelands East as the sun lights up the sky.

#15 Eastern Mountains

The golden glow across the mountains as the sun slowly rises near Myvatn.

#16 Kirkjufell Dawn

The last sunrise of my trip was a peaceful one as I reflected on what I had seen over 2 weeks. The sound of the water running over the ice was so soothing.

#17 Icelandic Horse

Iceland is famous for its famous hardy horses. This beauty was enjoying some rare sun in Southern Iceland

Source: www.instagram.com