Incredible Macro Photography: The Invisible World.

There are many things around us that are thought to be ordinary just because we usually see them anywhere and they do not have something new to be shown to us.
Macro photography is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size.
Enjoy the beauty of Nature !

#1 Krasimir Matarov (Bulgaria)

Hi! My name is Krasi Matarov – school teacher and I live in Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria).
For last 5 years I learn how to steal moments and to catch different weather conditions.
I have some self-organized exhibitions, a score of first places in national and international photo contests. My works are exhibited in London, Warsaw, Moscow, Bratislava, Luxembourg, China, Turkey, Bulgaria etc. I’m a winner of the open category „Nature & Wildlife“ Sony World Photography Awards 2013 contest, where were 122 000 participants all over the world and this trophy is the most important achievement for me.
Photography is a hobby, which gives possibility to unite with the nature, communicate with it and show part of this dialogue in my photos.I try to give my photo skills and knowledge to my students in my coterie and while leading one of my projects. I took part in WPO workshops and organize 2-day macro and landscape photography workshops in Bulgaria.
My photos were published in: Digital Photo, National geographic, Digital SLR Photography, GEO, Photomania, Spisanie8 and other.
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#2 Alberto Ghizzi Panizza (Italia)

Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, born in Parma in 1975, has inherited his artistic bent from his granddad who was a naïve painter. Since his childhood Alberto has drawn and painted. He began to take a keen interest in photography in 1997 during a visit to the ruins of ancient Egypt.
Recognized as one of the best Italian photographers for macro and landscape photography, he has received several awards; he was assigned the first prize at the ‘Oasis International Photo Contest 2012’ in the section ‘Other animals’.
In 2013 he joined Nikon Professional Services.
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#3 Thomas Shahan (United States)

Thomas Shahan is a creative macro photographer and artist. According to Thomas Shahan, you have to understand the behavior of the arthropods and take several shots in order to be a successful macro photographer. Thomas Shahan photographs most of his subjects in their natural environment and he sometimes takes an arthropod indoors to be photographed without the need to kill them or even restrict their physical movement.
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#4 Carlo Galliani (Italy)

Carlo Galliani is an Italian photographer who specializes in capturing nature, landscape, macro and wildlife photographs. He focuses on capturing photographs of every aspect of nature without ignoring anything. He pays attention to everything beautiful in this world starting from those small insects that are difficult to be seen to the huge mountains with their stunning beauty trying to show the magnificence of the world in which we live.
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#5 Jacky Parker (UK)

Floral Art Photographer based in Iver, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
"RHS Photographer of the year 2008"
"The glory of the garden lies in more than meets the eye"
Rudyard Kipling.
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#6 Shikhei Goh (Indonesia)

My Name Is Shikhei Goh. I was born in Dabo (Riau Islands) and now I live in Batam Island, an industrial island about 45 minutes by boat from singapore. I started taking pictures using a DSLR in March 2011. I had tried taking pictures of many things but I really have a great passion for Macro photography and I can say I am a macro addict.
I have always said to myself that I must and I can make great photos. After countless of trials and errors, explorations, and criticisms I can say that I am happy enough for what I have achieved now. However, I will keep on exploring as there are always new things in macro photography.
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#7 Vyacheslav Mishchenko (Ukraine)

I have been interested in photography since childhood.
My father worked as a freelance photographer for the local newspapers. I observed his art and learnt it. My family used to spend a lot of weekends camping in a beautiful forest. Thus photography and nature naturally entered my life.
I took my first macro shot when I was 10 years old. In those days I used to use an analog camera.
After getting married and having children, photography went by the wayside. Most of the time I spent on painting.
With the advent of digital photography I have renewed my passion for photography and have began to engage in macro very seriously.
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#8 Nordin Seruyan (Indonesia)

Nordin Seruyan’s passion for photography and the world of little creatures encourages him to capture the exceptional macro photographs that you see on his website.
Nordin Seruyan is an indonesian professional macro photographer who specializes in capturing incredible photographs of those little creatures that cannot be easily seen with your naked eye.
His main goal is to show the stunning beauty of those tiny creatures that live around us in this world and are rarely photographed.
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