Momtographer Creates Magical Images Of Her Children

Once upon a time, a momtographer and former teacher decided to combine her love of storybooks, children’s fantasies, and photography into magical images! Each image was created keeping the child’s interests and personalities as the main inspiration.

Each final project consists of about 5 to 6 different images composited together to make one beautiful storybook scene.

The final images can take anywhere from one to several hours to produce.

While this momtographer also does regular family and child portraiture, this by far is her favorite type of session to do.

#1 “Crossing the Delaware”

#2 “The Force Choke”

#3 “Dreaming Big”

#4 “Reflections”

#5 “The Underwater Dance”

#6 “The Ocean Calls”

#7 “Mighty King”

#8 “Ice Fishing”