Photos Of Red Wild Squirrels Playing Sports And Games

By Geert Weggen

These squirrels are visiting my garden, for food. I am living near a forest. For years I am capturing photos of wild squirrels and I love to capture them in a creative way often associated with humans. Sport is a fantastic theme for this.
In all photos the squirrels are searching for food. Sometimes I hide it, or hang it above the subjects.

Sometimes I have to wait days to get the shot I want and sometimes I have to put the idea away in the hope that I will find a solution how to capture the shot I want later on. It is fulfilling to capture a photo I had in mind, but many times the squirrels do something unexpected. That can be fun, but it can be frustrating too. Days waiting and have the feeling that the squirrels not cooperate. In the other hand it sometimes feel that they cooperate, like a communication even a smile and these moments are fantastic.

For the chess I got small holes in the queens and tide a nut on to it. Many times they took the queen to the trees with the nuts. The horses I nailed to a board and put food on their head and hang some food in the air. The weightlifter I put two pins in 2 holes I drilled and narrowed the space and hang food above it and ones I drilled a hole in a nut etc…

When I have the shot I have to clone out things as wires, food buckets or pins holding the props. Also stack I sometimes 2 photos from 1 scene.

#1 Sprint

#2 Weightlifter

#3 To the horse games

#4 Defeat

#5 Free style jump

#6 Accidents happen

#7 Snow tour

#8 Solo chess

#9 Games end

#10 Bulls eye