Precious Heirloom Dolls

I’m a mommy of six and an artist who creates precious look a like dolls to make people smile. Each doll is made from scratch by me, using beautiful yarns and fabrics and takes about 10-12 hours to complete. Very often I get asked to make dolls for children with special needs, for someone who is going through tough times or someone who lost or is missing a loved one. Even if someone looks different or feels different, they deserve a doll who looks just like them to make them feel how special and beautiful they are. There are no words to describe how much love, attention and joy I pour in to my work to make sure there will be a big smile and a hug and happiness.

#1 This military daddy couldn’t make it home for the holidays so an amazing mom made sure her daughter would still get her Christmas hug

#2 I recreated a very special day for this sweet young man who lost his mom.

#3 Sometimes I will just make inspiring people

#4 Trying to make this lady who is going through a very hard time feel better about herself

#5 Because you are beautiful, just the way you are

#6 Every little girl deserves to be a ballerina

#7 Very special dolls for a sister who will have to lose her best friend

#8 Being able to make this girl smile

#9 There’s so much love in this picture

#10 Dolls campaigning against bullying!

#11 You will never feel alone if your doll has a scar just like yours

#12 This little girl was so upset about needing glasses until she got a doll just like her

#13 For a little girl who misses her nana

#14 A friend for a special boy who needs to wear his baha (hearing aid)

#15 This little girl will never meet her big sister, now she has a little angel she can hug

#16 For a mommy who misses her angel baby

#17 a braid and crown to make a little girl going through chemo feel beautiful