Pretty Much Amazing Tattoo Ideas For Women

Although tattoos used to be socially unacceptable, eventually tattooing has become an inevitable fashion trend in both men and women. Tattooing is one of the oldest arts, and women have become the biggest fans of this type of body art. Today, female tattoos are common and socially acceptable, largely due to the many celebrities who publicly sports tattoos.

Tattoos are a fashion statement and sometimes they truly represent small works of art on the body. If they are not too showy, and if they are professionally and beautifully done they will look very attractive. If you have decided to get a tattoo, think carefully because a tattoo is something that remains for life. Make sure to choose the right tattoo studio and a professional and experienced tattoo artist. Carefully chosen and positioned tattoo can emphasize femininity as no other form of jewelry.

Back in the day, women used to get tattoos on more intimate places, hidden from everyday sight, but today they have become bolder and often choose highly visible areas of the body. Finding the right tattoo design and the right place for your tattoo is very important. Not all placements suit the same type of tattoo and some body parts hurt more and take ink differently. The most popular places for female tattoos are the back, the neck, the inner wrist, the foot, the spine, the shoulder and the inner arm.

Women, unlike men often decide on a tattoo in order to preserve a particular moment. As well as jewelry and makeup, a tattoo is also the ideal way to express your personality and character.

Here are the ten most popular tattoo designs for women!


Floral vines and gardens are usually used to create a colorful display of artwork on a woman’s body. Flowers are the embodiment of nature and they are considered to be a symbol of rebirth. Floral tattoos are very popular tattoo design ideas among women, not only because they look beautiful and feminine, but because each type of flower can have its own meaning. For example, orchids symbolize beauty, love and prosperity, lotus is the symbol of purity, intelligence and wisdom while the plumeria symbolizes friendship and warmth.


Even though they are seen as a symbol of masculinity, tribal tattoos are also very popular among women. The placement of the tattoo decides whether it’s a feminine or masculine tattoo. There are many options to choose from and you can also use elements like flowers, hearts or stars to add a feminine touch to the tattoo.


Stars are one of the oldest symbols and one of the most popular feminine tattoo ideas. Stars are the symbol of light, hope, and faith in a better future. You can choose a single star or shooting stars, small, large, simple or colorful star – no matter what you choose these tattoos look very attractive and feminine. Star tattoos are universal and can be combined with many other designs.


Many people believe that the butterfly signifies a passing beauty, unstable personality, and vanity. But if you are not afraid of what people think about you, then you have nothing to worry about because the butterfly can be a very beautiful tattoo. Butterflies have been used by the Japanese and Chinese culture as symbols of joy and happiness. We have to mention that some ancient civilizations believed that the butterfly was a symbol of the human soul. For example, early Europeans believed that the human soul took the form of a butterfly, so they viewed the butterflies with great respect and fear. So, your tattoo can have a very deep symbolism and can represent a loving memory of someone you loved and is not among the living anymore.


Religious symbols are also very popular tattoo designs because they are a great way for women to express themselves. Religious tattoos are a sign of your faith and devotion. Many women choose angels tattoos that signify love and purity. Other religious tattoo designs that are popular among women are crosses, rosary beads, and halos.


The heart is the symbol of love and romance, and as such is very popular tattoo design. Heart tattoos can show your soft and romantic side. There are plenty of heart tattoo designs to choose from and these tattoos are a great way to express your love and affection.


A lot of women who believe in astrology decide for tattooing their zodiac sign. The zodiac sign can tell a lot about your personality, so your tattoo will indirectly show people the kind, so by inking your sign on your body, you let people indirectly know the kind of person you are.


Portrait tattoos have become very popular among girls. They are personal, meaningful and can depict an influential person of your life. Women often choose to ink the portrait of someone who is close to their heart.


Birds are a symbol of freedom, independence and tendencies towards the unknown and new experiences. Bird tattoos can be a symbol of peace, love or represent various emotions. Women usually choose tender winged birdies inked in beautiful colors.

Animal tattoos are a fun way to express our love and care for our pet. Many women decide to get a tattoo of their pet or their favorite animal. Animal tattoos are extremely personal and that’s why they are loved by many women around the world.