Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Pets With Kids

If I tried to put clothes on my cat, it would probably tear my face off. But as you can see from this hilarious list, some pets are more tolerant than others, especially with kids! From dogs being used as living canvasses to cats being dressed in all sorts of humiliating attire, this collection will make you smile while also serving as a sweet reminder of the bond between kids and their pets.

#1 Kids, Sharpies, And A Dalmatian Makes For Interesting Times

#2 They Will Soon Start To Think That They're Pets Too

#3 You Nose That I Love You

#4 I Didn't Do It. It Was The Dog

#5 I Left My Niece Alone With My Dog For 20 Minutes And Came Back To This...

#6 Don't Leave Your Kids Home Alone With A Cat

#7 Patient Dog Vs Kids

#8 Cat's Face Says It All

#9 This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Kids With The Dog

#10 I Recently Realized That My 6 Year Old Sister Has Been Modeling Our Dog And Taking Pictures Of It On My Camera

#11 Not Only Was He Swinging, He Was On A Leash. The Most Patient Cat Ever

#12 My Daughter Was Pretty Excited To Make The Cat A Princess

#13 My 5-Year-Old Son Is Getting Good At Legos. He Built A Cat

#14 My Son Feeding His Fake Dog Goldfish While His Real Dog Sits Outside, Pissed

#15 Perhaps The Children Aren't Mature Enough To Have A Dog

#16 They''ll Become Partners In Crime

#17 My Nephew Told Me He Turned The Cat Into A Mosaic

#18 My Nephew Playing Tug-O-War With The Dog

#19 Our Dog Is So Ready For The Kids To Go Back To School (Non-Toxic Markers)

#20 When Your Child And Your Dog Disappear Upstairs For An Hour, You Should Totally Be Suspicious

#21 My Son Dressed Our Cat Up In Stuffed Animal's Clothes

#22 My Cousin Just Posted This Picture Of Her Extremely Patient Dog And Happy Baby

#23 So Our Son Decided To Give The Dog A Cape

#24 My Daughter And Our Friend Sewed A Unicorn Horn For The Cat While I Napped

#25 My Daughter Likes To Push Our Cat Around In A Stroller. Yes, She's Buckled In

#26 When You Leave The Cat With Your Daughter For 5 Minutes

#27 This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Little Sister Alone With Your Dog

#28 Can't Find Any Paper To Draw On? Well, That's Not A Problem For A Child

#29 My Little Sister Did This To The Cat

#30 Taking My Dog Hiking When I Realized Why My Daughter Had Him Locked In The Bathroom With Her Last Week

#31 I Left My Cat Alone With My Daughter

#32 My Daughter Thought Our Cat Needed Accessories For It's Nap

#33 This Little Girl Turned Dog Into A Fairy

#34 Two Puppies Play Tug-O-War

#35 My Nephew Decorating The Dog

#36 I Left My 3-Year-Old Niece Alone With My Cat For 30 Seconds, Came Back To This

#37 My Cousin's 3 Kids Helped Take Care Of My 13-Year-Old Dog While I Was On Vacation

#38 This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Dog With Your Niece While In Basic Training

#39 -2 Outside. Here's My Daughter Fucking With My Cat

#40 Bunny Pirates

#41 A Friend Who Was Looking After My Cat Sent Me This Photo His Daughter Took

#42 Daughters Said Dark Eyebrows Make Her Look Younger

#43 When You Leave Little Girls With A Cat Alone For Too Long

#44 This Dog Has So Much Patience For My Kids' Shinanigans

#45 Never A Dull Moment!

#46 Daughter Thought Mittens Would Love The Headband

#47 Doggo With Stickers

#48 My Little Sister Decided My Dog Needs Some Underwear

#49 My Son Thinks My Cat Needs A New Hat. Cat Is Amused For Sure

#50 My Little Brother Hatching Eggs With The Dog

#51 My Little Sister Came Back With My Dog Like This

#52 This Is What Happens When I Leave My Daughter Alone With My Dog

#53 When It Comes To My Son, My Cat Is Such A Good Sport

#54 My Dad Took This Photo For A Thanksgiving Card

#55 So I Left My Cat With My Little Sister For 5 Minutes

#56 We Have Two Young Daughters And A Cat. The Cat Is Very Accommodating

#57 My Nephew Cleaning Our Dog, Nymeria

#58 I Can Always Tell When My Daughter Has Been Playing With The Cat

#59 When I Leave The Dog Alone With My Little Sister

#60 I Heard My Son Giggling In His Room Whilst I Fed My Daughter In Another Room. Found My Cat Like This 5 Minutes Later

#61 Daughter Made The Cat A Sassy Princess. He's Not Amused

#62 Why I Can't Leave The Kids Alone With The Dog

#63 My Daughter Thought Kitty Needed To Soak The Floof

#64 My Ex-husband Did This To Our Cat So Our Children Cannot Be Blamed! :)

#65 Daughter Strapped Cat In Baby Doll Car Seat

#66 Patience Of A Sainte

#67 My Daughter Wanted Our Dog To Be A Princess

#68 This Is What Happens When I Leave My Little Sister With My Dog. Shit Gets Ruff. Time To Lay Down The Paw

#69 Hamilton With A Hat My Daughter Made

#70 When The 2-year Old Gets The Dog To Listen To Her Reading A Story

#71 Spicegirl The Cat Is Ready For A Sleepover!

#72 Tucker As A Pup Patiently Listening To My Nephew Play His Toy Trumpet ❤️

#73 My Daughter Trying To Put Our Cat Confortable

#74 5-Year-Old Daughter + Lipstick + Cat =

#75 Not His Choise But Still Good Looking

#76 When My 2-Year-Old Daughter Drew On The Cat

#77 That's Where The Last Of The Laundry Went..

#78 My Daughter Snuck Out Of Bed In The Middle Of The Night To Make Sure The Dog Was Tucked In Haha

#79 Sometimes We Can't See Duchess On The Sofa, So My Youngest Daughter Did This...

#80 My Little Sister And Her Friends Pimped Our Boxer

#81 My Sister Decided To Put A Hair Clip On Bella So ' She Would Look Like A Proper Mommy'

#82 My Son Put His Hat (looks Like A Helmet) On Our Dog

#83 I Left My Dog Unattended With The 2 Year Old

#84 How The Twins Kept An Eye On The Dog.

#85 Why I Can Never Find My Reading Glasses!

#86 Can You Find The Cat? "mom, Look, I Made Samson Cozy"

#87 She Looks So Impressed With Her New Eyebrows

#88 Where Is Dad? Wasn't He Wearing A Hat?

#89 I Don't Think He Likes It...

#90 She's, Not So Much

#91 Happy St Patrick's Day

#92 My Daughter Dressing Goldie In Her Old Santarina Costume.

#93 My Youngest Daughter Is Back... Now Giving Goldie A Pair Of Rabbit Ears...

#94 Cat Dress Like A Babydoll

#95 God Save The Queen, I'll Protect You Ma'am

#96 Stickers!

#97 Tater Tot Is Such A Good Sport!

#98 Why A Cat Should Never Fall A Sleep In A Childrens Chaire

#99 My Kid Riding The Dog Like A Pony, While Wearing Safety Goggles

#100 Isnt That What Its For?

#101 My Daughter Said It's Name Is Miss Matcha. It's A Male Cat.

#102 Our Birthday Girl

#103 She Had To Much To Carry And Didn't Want To Put The Cat Down Lol

#104 Waiting For Santa

#105 When Your Dog Must Ride Into Battle

#106 Duchess Is Looking Cool...

#107 My Princessin (german Cat)

#108 Hunden Ville Hjælpe Med Gave Indpakningen...

#109 The Things This Dog Tolerates

#110 When The Teenager Is Left Alone With The Puppy. .

#111 Our Girl Luna Dressed As Pickachu!

#112 Please Set Me Free

#113 My Granddaughter Put A Hoodie On Nika.

#114 Lucy With Her Buddy Quinton (in The Purple Tutu!)

#115 That One Time I Decided To Put My Cat In My Pocket

#116 When You're Tie Dying Shirts, Never Leave The Kids Alone With The Dog.

#117 My Birthday

#118 My Daughter With Molly And Claud. It Was Their Birthday!

#119 Gabby Hot Date Had To Put On The Good Hair.

#120 While I Was Putting The Baby To Sleep

#121 Bella Is Such A Good Sport.

#122 Left My Daughter And Cat For A While And This Is What I Found...the Cat Sure Is Not Happy

#123 We Thought He Was A Doll Too

#124 While She's Asleep

#125 My 25 Year Old Sister Decided To Wrap My Dog

#126 My Daughter And My Dog. Best Friends That Do Everything Together