Surrealistic Photo Manipulation From Andrey Vasilyev

By​ Unicorn Power

I’m glad to share with you some fine artworks of Ukrainian digital artist Andrey Vasilyev. He creates dreamlike images by using a combination of objects with various characteristics to make extraordinary pictures.

Andrey works in different art trends, including matte painting, illustration and concept art. The entire world inspires him with the wonderful scenery, the play of light and shadow, even some random life situations.

The artwork “Handy pencil” is a combination of good idea and high-quality realization. It brought artist thousands of likes and shares, and some fans even began to copy it.

#1 Handy pencil

#2 Unknown destination

#3 Shishkinles

#4 Matches

#5 Dentifrice

#6 Windmill

#7 Between wars