Taking Pet Photography Into The Studio

By​ Matt
I have always been a pet lover. So after picking up a camera it all made perfect sense! I wanted to capture animals personalities in a fun and unique style. Offering little additions of ties and bow ties along with some straight up shots and clients really love it! From a photographers perspective I just love how studio lights, light up these cuties fur. From a clients perspective they really love it too as it is very different to natural light. So win, win!

Now I had better start giving Evie our rescue Bull Terrier some attention. She is sitting beside me, demanding we go for a walk and who am I to say no! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

#1 Milo

#2 Maya

#3 Aya

#4 Moose

#5 Bundy

#6 Ellie

#7 Stanley

#8 Boomer

#9 Rocky

#10 Lulu

#11 Ralph

#12 Misty

#13 Marley

#14 Jess

#15 Milo

Source: www.getwildstudios.com.au