The Magic Of Disney

Ask anybody who grew up in Florida (myself included) and they’ll tell you that Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida was a much a part of their lives as the beaches and the Florida Everglades. My family bloomed late I guess as we didn’t make our first trip to Disney until 1975, four years after the Magic Kingdom opened it’s doors. I was 10 and spent the weeks leading up to the trip obsessing about Disney and looking up every picture I could find. That first visit to Disney World was like walking into a storybook. The memories from that trip will stay with me forever.
When Walt Disney World opened it’s doors for the first time in 1971 there was much fanfare. Television specials, news reports, and magazine articles all touted the wonders of the new theme park. I remember watching one special in particular with Lucie Arnaz as the host and I was mesmerised. Had I known then that it would be four long years until I would be able to go I probably would have run away from home to go there myself!
As the years went on trips to Disney happened often, sometimes several times a year. Family trips, school trips, spur of the moment trips, etc. One of the advantages of living in Florida is that Walt Disney World is only a drive away. I can only speak for myself but it’s magic has never faded and I still look forward to every visit whether it’s for a weekend or just a day. I also got the chance to finally visit Disneyland in Anaheim, California this past year. It was a thrill to finally visit the place that started it all, the place where Walt Disney himself actually walked around in. So here’s to you Walt Disney, thanks for all the Magic, imagination, inspiration, and continued years of revisiting my childhood.

#1 New Year’s Eve fireworks at Walt Disney World

#2 The famous Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom. Welcome Foolish Mortals.

#3 Spaceship Earth at Epcot. Epcot opened it’s doors in 1982….11 years after Disney World’s Grand Opening.

#4 Disneyland’s Diamond 60th Anniversary Celebration