Things That Looked Like Food, But You’d Probably Seriously Regret Eating Any Of It

Ever get to the point where you're so hungry that everything around you starts to look like food? Well, you're not the only one. Tasty-looking delicacies can be spotted anywhere, just like artistic inspiration, and we've compiled a list of the best examples people have seen with their own eyes. Though it's probably not a good idea to bite into a tree that looks like broccoli, or to consume a forest mushroom that appears to be covered in chocolate, it's so much fun to imagine. Scroll down to see the most seemingly edible things people have encountered, and if your belly rumbling is causing your surroundings to resemble last night's dinner, add what you found.

#1 Bacon Rock

#2 This Tree Looks Like Straight Up Broccoli

#3 This Busted Golf Ball Looks Like It's Comprised Of Meat

#4 Puppies Look Like Fried Chicken

#5 This Fungus Looks Like A Chocolate Covered Donut

#6 This Photo Taken In The Algerian Desert Of Sand Covered Snow Looks Like Tiramisu

#7 My Toothpaste Looks Like Salmon Belly

#8 Baby Stingrays Look Like Raviolis Stuffed With Tiny Damned Souls

#9 This Gemstone Looks Like A Deconstructed Chocolate Bar

#10 Trees In My Street Look Like Giant Pineapples

#11 I Microwaved Soap And It Looks Like Bread

#12 This Rock Looks Like A Potato

#13 This Hose Looks Like An Overripe Banana

#14 This Mushroom In My Yard Looks Just Like A Giant Chocolate Donut

#15 When You Try To Make Peppermint Swirl Soap And It Comes Out Looking Like Raw Meat

#16 This Rock Looks Like A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

#17 This Mattress Looks Like An Ice Cream Sandwich

#18 This Leaf Looks Like A Banana

#19 This Piece Of Sandpaper Looks Like A Steak

#20 Making Cookies And The Reflection Looks Like A Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

#21 This Rock Looks Like Marbled Meat

#22 So My Parents Wanted Their Garage Door To Look Wooden But I Think It Looks More Like A Giant Hershey's Bar

#23 This Piece Of Rock Looks Like A Slice Of Bacon

#24 My Girlfriend's 3 Lb Weights Look Like Green M&Ms

#25 This Fungus Looks Like A Perfectly Toasted Marshmallow With Some Nice Chocolate Stuff In The Middle

#26 Catsant

#27 The Fried Egg Jellyfish Looks Like It's Just Hot Enough

#28 Mother Of God.. It's A Pineapple

#29 This Mushroom Looks Like It Is Right Out Of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Room

#30 This Geode Looks Like A Burrito

#31 My Sweet Potato Looks Like Salmon

#32 Kiwi Kitten

#33 This Dimmer Wheel Looks Like An Oreo Cookie

#34 Kiwi Baby

#35 I Collect Rocks That Look Like Eggs

#36 This Puffball Mushroom Looks Like An Amazing Piece Of Popcorn

#37 The Squirrels Around Here Chew Pine Cones And Leave Them On The Ground, Looking Like Coconut Shrimp

#38 Colored Snow Looks Like Cake

#39 This Flower Looks Like Bacon

#40 The Way This Bacteria Is Growing Makes It Look Just Like A Fried Egg

#41 My Cat Looks Like A Rotisserie Chicken

#42 This Iceberg Looks Like A Giant Piece Of Candy

#43 This, I'm Guessing A Fungus, Growing Out Of My Path Looks Like Pasta

#44 I Found A Rock That Looks Like A Steak

#45 This Rock Formation In Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota Kinda Looks Like Medium Rare Steak

#46 Rock That Fell From The Sky Looks Like Avocado

#47 Mold On Bread Looks Like An Egg

#48 These Rocks Look Like A Pancake And Eggs

#49 My Hairless Guinea Pig Totally Looks Like An Eggplant

#50 I Found A Rock That Looks Like A Fortune Cookie

#51 The Markers On The Side Of The Highway Look Like Sunnyside Up Eggs - Or Maybe I’m Just Hungry

#52 These Flowers Look Like Candy Corn

#53 This Rotten Tomato Looks Like A Plastic Bag Full Of Tomato Juice

#54 This Rock My Mom Found Looks Like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

#55 These Purple Potatoes Look A Bit Like Sliced Sausages

#56 This Shell Looks Like Bacon

#57 Found An Eroded Brick, It Looks Like Bread

#58 This Mushroom Looks Like Vegan Pizza

#59 This Tree Looks Like Broccoli And As A Bonus, The White Flowers Make It Cauliflower

#60 This Rock Looks Like A Potato

#61 The Leather On My Glasses Case Has Worn Out. Now It Looks Like Bacon

#62 The Bricks On This Wall Look Like Strips Of Bacon

#63 This Stone Looks Like A Loaf Of Bread

#64 Rock Formations That Look Like Loaves Of Bread Stacked Neatly In Trays

#65 These Rocks Kinda Look Like Sliced Hard Boiled Eggs

#66 I Melted My Old Soap To My New Soap And It Kinda Looks Like A Rectangular Fried Egg

#67 This Pattern On My Granite Counter Looks Like A Cauliflower

#68 These Donut Holes Look Like Brussel Sprouts

#69 This Rock Looks Like Bacon

#70 This Sewer Cap On The Jersey Shore Looks Like A Cookie Sandwich That Melted A Little From The Sun

#71 This Fire Extinguisher Looks Like A Bottle Of Sriracha

#72 Messed Up This Fudge And It Looks Like Fried Chicken

#73 I Tried To Melt A Babybel Cheese Wheel On A Burger And It Looks Like A Perfect Egg

#74 Fiber Insulation Looks A Lot Like Cotton Candy

#75 This Rock I Found Am The Park Looks Like A Breadstick

#76 Weird Looking Hamburger

#77 This Fungus I Found Looks Like Fuzzy Peaches Candy

#78 The Snow Slowly Slid Off Of My Awning And Looked Like Bacon