This Artist Turn A Pet Photo Into An Awesome Vintage Portraits Drawing

KucingKecil draw a various vintage pet portraits with cute and fashionable clothes. This will be perfect for Xmas gift or holiday postcard!

#1 Rocco, The Spoiled Prince with His Smug Smile

He will cuddle with you everytime
#2 Let Sir Doodleton Guide you in His Country

I’m a Mayor, not A lord land by the way
#3 You cannot be cooler than this Aristocrat Loving Bird

Get all item you want to buy, I will pay it for you. Im rich!
#4 The Majestic One will Bless you

Hail the King!!
#5 Lady Rose

The Most Beautiful Lady at this Ballroom
#6 Let me Dance with You, Little Princess!

I will drop my shoes for prince
#7 I’m not a Mafia, Trust me!

can I get more cigarette?
#8 Nothing better than living in Countryside!

I want to retire and go back to hometown.
#9 Time to Learn more Magic!

or better go to outside and start adventure
#10 Little Magic Can Make You Better

Anyone want Cookies and Tea Time?
#11 Want to Try to Trick Me?

I dare you….
#12 Wanna Go to Library with Me?

of course study is more fun
#13 I’m not a Joke, but at Least I try Make a Joke

I am tired get tied by king everytime He miss my awesome jest.
#14 Bunnyamin Button

Get young until die
#15 Do You Have a New Report for Me?

No new report? Okay this will be bore, read Boredpanda will be better
#16 Rose are Red, Violet are Blue. I know I’m Well and Beautiful

By the way, rose are delicious
#17 Hey Guys! Wanna Join The Dinner in My Castle?

Don’t forget take your own wine and food
#18 I Dare You to Try Robbing My Tomb

No, no, no.. I will not curse you, only let you live with me forever
#19 Ready to Set Sail, Captain !!

That better than brush the cabin floor
#20 Anyong Haseyo !!

I want be a girl band one day
#21 December! Big Family Time is coming!

Can I get more apple pie?
#22 Happy Holiday!!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!