This Is How Much It Costs To Make ONE Game Of Thrones Episode

From actors to costumes and CGI, making a series like Game of Thrones doesn’t come cheap. So how much does it actually cost to produce just one episode of a massive hit show?

#1 For Game of Thrones, the latest season came in at a cool $10 million per episode, with special effects demanding around $800,000 of that budget.

“The CGI industry acts as an assembly line with a team of 10-12 who processes shots through several stages … This equates to around 1,600 man hours at a minimum at $50 an hour. If a Game of Thrones episode has 10 minutes of CGI, [that’s] $800,000,” says a source. Wow.

#2 On top of CGI, there’s things like computer storage space per episode (yep, really), accounting, human resources, costume, location, overheads, marketing — and someone’s got to foot the bill.

Back in 2011, before the show’s popularity demanded bigger and better fights, scenery, and dragons, one episode of GoT cost $6 million — already three times as much as a regular cable show.

#3 And with the current episode budget of $10 million, a ten-episode season costs HBO a cool $100 million.

But how does GoT compare with other shows? Well, Breaking Bad came in at around $3 million per episode, while the Big Bang Theory started out on just $2 million per episode.

#4 Amazingly, GoT matches Friends in terms of budget – packing in international filming and 10 times the cast (and that costly CGI) for the same amount of money per episode.

The main difference is that the majority of the Friends budget went on actor’s salaries — for the final season of Friends, the main cast earned a whopping $1 million per episode.

And for medical drama E.R., George Clooney rakes in $13 million for each episode — basically the show’s entire budget.