To Make My Son Eat Healthy Food, I Turn It Into His Favorite Cartoons

A little over a year ago I started turning my son's healthy organic meals into famous cartoon characters for some fun.
Who would have thought these creations would turn into a full-time business and allow us to work with the world's biggest production companies!

#1 Carl From Up As A Christmas An Angel

Mash potato, chicken, lettuce and whole meal wrap.

#2 Johnny From Sing

Mash potato with Wild Rice, eggplant and carrots.

#3 Ash From Sing

Mash potato with wild rice and eggplant.

#4 Red Queen From Alice Through The Looking Glass

Cream cheese, funghus, leek, purple and cabbage.

#5 Carl & Ellie From Up

Free range chicken with mashed potato(dyed with a little bit of beetroot), wholemeal wrap, noodles and edible flowers.

#6 The Mad Hatter From Alice Through The Looking Glass

Potato with carrots, leek, wholemeal wrap and eggplant.

#7 Mickey And His Friends Goofy And Pluto

Mash potato, sweet potato, rainbow chard, wholemeal wrap, romanesco broccoli, wild rice and black beans.

#8 Goofy

Roast chicken with wild rice, mash potatoes, broccoli and tomato.

#9 Mike, Sully, Randall, And Roz From Monster Inc

Coconut sticky rice balls stuffed with shredded free range chicken and veggies ( Red cabbage, Purple carrots, cold-pressed kale juice and saffron have been used to dye rice).

#10 Maui From Moana

Mash potato with black bean noodle and spring onion.

#11 Nemo, Squirt & Dory From Fiinding Nemo

Lentils, kale and potato mash with blue rice (dyed using purple cabbage).

#12 Judy Hopps From Zootopia

Buckwheat, kale and parmesan muffin with free range bacon and blueberries.

#13 Pua From Moana

Quinoa salad with salmon and mash potato.

#14 Piglet Dressed As A Reindeer

Chicken with Potato mash(dyed with beetroot), asparagus and carrots.

#15 Carl From Up

Christmas Leftovers, Ham, Turkey, crackle and potato salad.

#16 Zoe, Peppa And Pedro From Peppa Pig

Spelt donuts with Banana, Raspberry, blueberry and macadamia smoothie.

#17 Devil Carl From Up

Free range chicken with mash potato (dyed with cold pressed beetroot juice) red capsicum, and asparagus.

#18 Poppy From Trolls

Beetroot spelt burger.

#19 Ellen

Mash potato, wholemeal wrap, pasta, carrots and red capsicum.

#20 Carl From Up

Free range chicken with boiled potato, potato skins and tomatoes.

#21 Beast From Beauty & The Beast

Waffles with spelt chocolate pancakes, dragon fruit, blueberres, and banana.