When Things Matched Their Surroundings Too Well

Camouflage experts spend countless hours making soldiers and military equipment blend in seamlessly with their surroundings, deftly using shapes and colors that best suit the match the different environments in warfare.
This makes sense, as it does when creatures do the same in an effort to avoid predators. But everyday things on the street? Not so much. That's why it's hilariously funny when people and objects are spotted accidently going chameleon and hiding in plain sight.

#1 Catouflage

#2 Anyone Seen My Cat? Ginger Tom, Missing Since The Weekend

#3 The Paint On This Building Is The Same Shade As The Sky

#4 This Owl's Camouflage

#5 He's Fallen To Pieces

#6 Incredible Wax Job Gives Car Predator Level Camouflage

#7 I Looked Down To Find My Shoes Matched The Rug

#8 The Chair And Shirt

#9 A Hatchling's Camouflage

#10 My Cat Has The Same Colors As The Carpet

#11 The First Time My Friend Visited My Apartment She Was Mind-Blown That My Shower Curtain Looked “Exactly” Like One Of Her Shirts. The Following Week She Returned To Demonstrate

#12 The Vines On My House Have Changed Color To Match The Siding

#13 Father Blending In With Nature

#14 My Dog's Urban Camouflage

#15 Transparent Socks

#16 I Guess I'm A Towel Now

#17 The Way These Clothes Match The Background

#18 Meet Luke, Our Kitten Who Knows How To Expertly Camouflage

#19 Tons Of Tiny Tree Frogs

#20 Some Animals Have Evolved To Mimic Their Environment. This Adaptation Helps Them To Evade Predators

#21 This Guy's Sweater Lines Up With The Wall

#22 Camouflage Level: Expert

#23 My Dogs Have Become Cuttlefish

#24 My Friend's Phone Case Blends In With This 1982 School Library Circulation Desk

#25 Beautifully Camouflaged Into Nature

#26 Cougar Camouflage Is Lit

#27 Four Pet Bananas, If I'm Not Mistaken

#28 I'm Dressed Like My Box Of Kleenex

#29 When I Try To Blend In At A Party

#30 I Blend In So Well

#31 Played At An Irish Bar Last Night And Accidentally Dressed As The Flag Behind Us. It Was Dubbed "Camouflage Show" By Someone In The Crowd

#32 Can You Spot Him?? Lost Dalmatian At The Top Of Knocknarea, Sligo

#33 Brother’s Shirt Matches The Carpet

#34 This Guy's Camo

#35 I Am The Art, Damn It

#36 My Son’s Shorts

#37 Now Where Did I Put My iPad?

#38 My Friend's Shoes Blend In With The Rocks

#39 The Back Of This Sign Is Nearly Transparent Against The Color Of The Sky

#40 Camo Grasshopper Is The Rocks

#41 Matching Socks To The Carpet

#42 My Sister Saw This Car While She Was Eating Those Shark Candies

#43 My Socks Blend In Perfectly With My Girlfriend's Carpet

#44 Who Wore It Better?

#45 My Dad Caught A Bluegill And I Thought He Was Holding Up Air At First

#46 The Girl In The Back Looks Like A Seat

#47 Her Coat Had The Same Pattern As The Chair

#48 When I Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies, They Camo To My Counter Top

#49 Targeted

#50 Me At My Future Husband's Bachelor Party

#51 At The Right Time In The Right Place

#52 My Skin Matches This Wall

#53 I Accidentally Matched My Sweater With My Daughter's Birthday Hats

#54 This Moth Picked The Perfect Urban Camouflage

#55 These Pans On My Countertop

#56 Expert Level Hide And Seek

#57 This Granite Obelisk At Prague Castle Blends With The Sky

#58 My Mother's Scarf Camouflages Her Head With Those Chairs In The Background

#59 Our Enthusiastic Trainee Chiara, Came Into Work Today Wearing The Same Patterned Top As Our Wall Paper

#60 Always Take Inspiration From Your Surroundings

#61 Chameleon Pete

#62 Dog Or Log?

#63 This Vacuum Packed Pulled Pork BBQ On The Kitchen Counter

#64 When You Became The One With The Public Transport

#65 The Thing About Chameleoning Your Way Through Life Is That It Gets To Where Nothing Is Real

#66 Four Corners

#67 My Strawberry/Pistachio Ice Cream Matched This Couple’s Matching Outfits

#68 When You Put On Your Pink Cap And Decide To Visit A Museum Of Ice Cream

#69 Rockin' My Headstand

#70 Some Jack**s Forgot His Tires At The Gas Station

#71 When Your Sweater Matches The Mountain