You\'ve Never Seen A Gingerbread House Like This One!

The tradition of baking and decorating gingerbread houses is well known all over the world. Traditionally, it is adorned with royal icing and sweets. I went one step further and I made a huge, colorful house. All elements of the house are edible, made from cookies, frosting and a variety of sweets. The cottage has two floors, it’s lighted, fully equipped inside and placed among iced trees and the rest of the sweet yard.

#1 It has started with the design – in order to build the house I had to allocate 19 standard batches of spicy dough. Just baking the biscuits took more than 6 hours!

#2 The interior of the cottage was very detailed – such as wall together with the fireplace, above which a hunged christmas stockings was waiting to be filled with gifts. In the kitchen you could see laid table, where miniature cookies and milk were waiting for Santa Claus!

#3 On the ground floor of the house you can see footprints of Santa’s shoes, who after treating himself with cookies went to the salon to put under the Christmas tree huuuge sack with presents. On the first floor you can see a child who is asleep dreaming of the most beautiful presents – not yet knowing that Santa’s just left them under the Christmas tree!

#4 Each property must have a fence – that’s made with savory sticks glued with icing imitating snow.

#5 Santa had parked his sleigh just in front of the house – reindeers are getting ready to break into the flight thye still have to visit a lot more well-behaved children.

#6 House details – the brick chimney and the biscuit roof covered with snow.

#7 House details – iced Christmas tree, savory stick’s fence and dragge’s terrace behind the house.

#8 House details – icy marshmallows window sills and shutters.

#9 House details – doors adorned with small Christmas wreath.

#10 House details – brick façade made entirely of icing.

#11 House details – very soft, marshmallow footpath leading to the house and chocolate fence .

#12 The whole house weighed more than 20 kilograms, the base was almost one square meter size The overall picture of the house – it required a lot of work, but it was worth it!